Queen’s Announcement On E-Scooter Legalisation

Published July 19, 2022

Queen’s Announcement On E-Scooter Legalisation

On Tuesday the 10th May, the Government confirmed their plans to make E-Scooters legal on the public roads at some point in the coming year. So what is there to know about the legalisation of Electric Scooters?

Powered Personal Transporters

The Government mentioned that a new vehicle class will be created to help make using E-Scooters legal on public roads. At the time of writing this, E-Scooters are classed as motor vehicles, and can only be used on private land. Legally, the only E-Scooters allowed on public roads, cycle lanes and pavements are the rented ones – which is very soon to change.

In the speech, it was stated that “Safety is also at the heart of our plans to create a regulatory framework for smaller, lighter, zero-emission vehicles, sometimes known as E-Scooters. Their popularity is clear, and new rules are needed to improve safety and crack down on illegal use while unlocking innovation and growth in this emerging multi-billion pound industry.”

As part of the new Transport Bill, set to be published Autumn 2022, there will be a new category of vehicle – Powered Personal Transporters.


It is also predicted that the legalisation will require sellers to ensure that E-Scooters sold for private use, will comply with new regulations. E-Scooters being modified to exceed safe speed limits will be made illegal.

Some examples of the new regulations include:

  • A maximum possible speed of 12.5mph
  • Anti-tampering mechanisms included in construction
  • Mandatory lighting at all times
  • Mandatory helmet wearing
  • Must be 16+
  • Carrying a passenger is prohibited
  • Drink driving, dangerous riding and mobile phone usage is forbidden
  • Two independently controlled breaks, one on rear wheel and one on front wheel
  • Riding on pavement not allowed

You can find the full PACTS briefing, which followed up the Queen’s speech here – recently updated.

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