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Inokim Light 2

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INOKIM is widely credited as founding father of the folding electric scooter and they have continued to live up to the high expectations they’ve set with each iteration. Case-in-point; the Light 2+, which manages to squeeze out an impressive top speed of 21 mph (33.8 km/h) for a range of up to 24 miles (38.6 km) with a physics-defying thrust with every press of the throttle.

Striking the perfect balance between lightweight materials and clever craftmanship the Light 2+ looks and feels every bit as premium as it rides. Available in an array of vibrant colours means you can be as expressive as you like and don’t have to have to settle for boring-black (although it is undeniably handsome). Perhaps controversially, our personal favourite is the orange – it’s a real head-turner.

The Light 2 now has a dual-drum braking system that automatically cuts the engine when applied, which is reassuring to know given the quick acceleration the Light 2 produces. Front & rear lights ensure you’ll be able to see and be seen on your electric scooter during after-dark rides.

The brawny 8.5″ pneumatic tyres work in unison with the spacious footboard to provide a softer, more comfortable ride with a lower centre of gravity than most other scooters in its class, which not only supports a smoother ride, but makes it more capable at tackling steeper inclines.

Key Features:

Long 38km range, fast 4 hour charge time
Fast 21 mph top speed with powerful 350W rear wheel motor for optimal traction and hill climbing
Cruise control
High quality 6061 T6 aluminium frame, 8.5-inch wheels with air-filled tyres for improved ride comfort
Height-adjustable handlebar to achieve your perfect fit
Large deck space for more secure footing
Lightweight 13.7kg total weight
Industry standard 100kg load limit
1 year manufacturer warranty

Please note: It is the responsibility of the user to comply with local and country laws. We recommend always wearing protective gear when using this product.

Can electric scooters be used in the rain?

Most electric scooters come with an IP Rating meaning they are water resistant to some level. They can be used in the rain, but they are not (usually) fully waterproof.

What are the speed limits of electric scooters?

Always check the laws when buying an electric scooter. The average e-scooter reaches speeds of 15.5mph. Some can reach speeds of 100mph, but this is not legal on public roads.

Are electric scooters good for going up hills?

Electric scooters can travel up hills, using more power and battery. If you know you will be travelling up hills, have a fully charged scooter or bring your charger and find a charging point.

Will pushing an electric scooter damage it?

Electric scooters are made to be used with the motor, not manually. Pushing it will damage the motor, so it is important to fold it up and hold it until you reach your destination.

What is the battery capacity/ life like on electric scooters?

Depending on the brand of electric scooter determines the time in which they last. The best can give up to 80 miles in one full charge, whereas some can do 10 miles, which can still get you pretty far.

How do electric scooters work?

Inside of an electric scooter, there is a small motor which is powered by a battery which you charge. Ensuring the motor is kept in great condition is the best way to prolong the life of your electric scooter.

What are the electric scooter laws in the UK?

The laws on electric scooters at the moment are that they are legal to be used privately or can be used publicly if using a rental. Read here to find out all of the information about the legalisation of electric scooters.

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