Litelok ONE Wearable 95 Single Boa GreenLitelok ONE Wearable 95 Single Boa Green

Litelok ONE Wearable 95 Single Boa Green

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● Lightweight – weighing from just 1.31 kg (2.8 lb)
● Flexible – Secure your bike easily to a wider range of fixed objects than a D lock
● Secure – Sold Secure insurance rated, patented BOAFLEXICORE® composite strap and virtually indestructible hardened steel alloy lock housing
● Wearable – Incredibly simple to wear, and designed to allow you safely fasten around your body without locking it
● Pairable – Innovative in-line lock system allows you to use two Liteloks together for extra security, or joined together in series for extra length
● Click to lock – Click together to close without the need for a key, making it faster and easier to secure.
● Sliding keyhole dust cover – Reduces dust ingress, and a high-contrast dust cover making it easy to locate the keyhole in low light.
● Stainless steel locking cylinder – Durable and hard-wearing to keep your keys and lock cylinder corrosion free
● Easy to carry – Attach to your frame with WrapStraps or Frame Mounts, alternatively carry in your bag
● Coded keys – Every key is coded giving you peace of mind should you need a replacement

Ideal for bikes and e-bikes, it is the perfect ONE for long stops, worry-free breaks in high-risk areas, storing at home or when transporting your ride. Commute in style with design and usability, LITELOK ONE is the perfect all rounder balancing high security, low weight and flexibility.

Independently tested and accredited by Sold Secure and ART, LITELOK ONE provides insurance rated, higher security but weighs from only 1.31kg (2.8lb). Available in multiple lengths and colours, for stylish wearing whilst riding or secured to your frame.

SECURE: Due to the composite nature of our Boaflexicore strap and virtually indestructible hardened steel alloy lock body, LITELOK ONE can withstand sustained attack by the most common theft tools used by thieves, such as bolt cutters, crowbars and hacksaws.

LIGHTWEIGHT: LITELOK ONE is much lighter than locks of an equivalent security level, such as weighty chains or bulky rigid locks. Starting at just 1.31kg (2.4lb) say goodbye to carrying heavy locks whilst riding.

FLEXIBLE: It bends and flexes making it’s easier to secure your ride wherever you want around a wider range of fixed objects such as tree trunks, lamp posts, concrete posts, fencing, railings and sign posts than rigid D or U locks. It’s clever click to lock design makes it faster and easier to secure without the need for the key.

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