Litelok GO Flexi-O 70 Twin BlackLitelok GO Flexi-O 70 Twin Black

Litelok GO Flexi-O 70 Twin Black

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Lightweight – weighs just 0.641 Kg (1.4 lb)
Flexible – Secure your bike easily to a wide range of fixed objects when out and about
Secure – Sold Secure Silver insurance rated, patented BOAFLEXICORE® composite strap and virtually indestructible hardened steel alloy lock housing
Pairable – allows you to join two locks together for extra length
Stainless steel locking cylinder – Durable and hard-wearing to provide corrosion resistance
Easy to carry – Attach Litelok to your bike with WrapStraps, or carry in your bag or panniers
Coded keys – Every key is coded giving you peace of mind should you need a replacement. Ensure you register your product after purchase.
Rattle free – integrated lock won’t rattle when riding
Wearable – can be worn effortlessly whilst riding with a wearable kit (sold seperately) alternative
Flexible – bends and flexes allowing more locking options compared to a conventional D lock

Ideal for e-scooters and bikes, it’s easy to carry whilst on the GO, and provides the lightest, insurance rated flexible security. Perfect for worry-free café breaks and short stops or longer stays in low to medium risk areas.
Independently tested and accredited by Sold Secure and ART, LITELOK GO provides insurance rated, super lightweight security weighing as little as 641g (1.4lb). Simple to use, the patented design offers you more options to lock your e-scooter or bike.

FLEXIBLE: Fed up with trying to fit a traditional D or U lock around a lamp post or large object? LITELOK GO bends and flexes allowing more locking options compared to traditional rigid locks, so you can secure your ride wherever you want.

LIGHTWEIGHT: LITELOK GO is up to 50% lighter than equivalent insurance rated D or U locks, chains or armoured cables. Starting at just 641g (1.4lb) say goodbye to carrying heavy locks whilst riding. GO combines peace of mind and usability without weighing you down.

SECURE: LITELOK GO is made from the highest grade materials including our patented composite Boaflexicore strap constructed from high tensile steel and complex polymer, joined to a hardened aerospace grade steel alloy lock body.
The integrated design means that your lock is in one piece so you don’t have to struggle trying to fix separate parts together and it doesn’t rattle when being carried. LITELOK GO’s vertical locking system gives you a downward line of sight making it easier to open and close your lock.

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